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  • A healthcare software company wanted to increase application sales but didn’t have a reporting software application that allowed for efficient data discovery via a front-end BI tool
  • Aptitive implemented a dynamic reporting and self-service analytics platform for customer reporting and data discovery
  • The client now enjoys functioning dashboards that allows sales teams to communicate the software’s vision to both current and prospective customers


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The Challenge

Our client had a semiannual reporting software application that did not allow for adequate or efficient data discovery via a front-end BI tool. In order to increase application sales, our client needed a reporting architecture that allowed for single or multi-tenancy and the dynamic customization of reporting measures. The solution also had to be easy for our client’s internal team to support and implement going forward. The resulting platform needed to integrate with a BI tool that would allow users self-service access to data discovery and reporting analytics.

The Solution

With an iterative development approach, Aptitive built a business intelligence and analytics platform with a data warehouse architecture that utilized C# scripts embedded in SSIS to dynamically manipulate the ETL. This architecture provided a mechanism for their customers to create the dynamic measures without our client having to make any changes to the software or reporting architecture. Aptitive then developed several dashboards in Microsoft PowerBI for customer reporting and data discovery.

The Outcome

Aptitive was able to produce multiple dashboards that allowed technical client resources to bridge the gap with business stakeholders and secure company-wide buy-in of the solution. The functioning dashboards allow sales teams to communicate the software’s vision to both current and prospective customers.

Our solution provided the following:

  • Embedded analytics and reporting exposed to healthcare providers directly from company’s SaaS application
  • Ability to easily scale the dynamic measure logic via simple additions as the product matures, making it easier to support and expand going forward
  • Drill-down dashboard for self-service data discovery and analytics
  • Daily data availability, in addition to the six-month snapshot report
  • Six-month snapshot report processing time reduced from two days to 30 minutes
  • Paved the way for the road map of future development work to
    integrate all enterprise information into single-source data warehouse

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