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  • An audit & tax consulting company needed to change the way they managed their client engagements to improve slipping margins, project delays, and overall profitability
  • Aptitive developed engagement KPI’s, better reporting and visibility, and a program that built a common understanding of expectations for client engagements
  • The client saved $20 million within a year in project write-offs and had an improved oversight and visibility to project issues with more time to respond to problems


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The Challenge

Slipping margins, project delays, and deadline-driven decision making were affecting firm-wide profitability and frustrating clients and employees alike. Our client needed to change the way that they established and managed their client engagements and develop best-practices that would lead to better outcomes for their customers.

The Solution

Aptitive led a multi-year effort to create a firm-wide methodology that built consistent processes and measures for managing work. We developed new engagement Key Performance Indicators, better executive reporting and visibility, and a program that built the common understanding of the standard expectations for effective management of all engagements.

The Outcome

Within one year the firm saved $20 million in project write-offs, with vastly improved oversight and executive visibility to project issues and more time to respond to problems on projects. Through better management of engagements, the complexity of staffing people to projects was drastically simplified which provided more flexibility to better align projects with the career interests of their employees. Client satisfaction increased 14%, based on post-project client surveys, as a result of more proactive management of their client work.

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