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  • Multiple disparate systems prevented an internationally-recognized heavy metal band’s marketing team from truly understanding their fan base.
  • The Aptitive’s retail and marketing analytics team centralized and analyzed their data to develop “fan personas” based on demographics and past purchase behavior.
  • The result was highly actionable, data-driven insights that the marketing team could use to improve marketing efforts and increase ROI


Aptitive helped an internationally-recognized heavy metal band dig into their fan data to identify personas who were most likely to respond to different targeted marketing campaigns and create a plan for automating these insights.


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The Challenge

The marketing leadership at our client wanted to better target the band’s fan base to increase their ability to up and cross-sell to a responsive audience resulting in more efficient marketing spend on social and digital platforms.

The band has a variety of systems that tracked online merchandise purchases, general tour ticket purchases, and VIP package purchases. Because each of these systems did not talk with each other, the band was not able to gain a holistic view of their fans. This held them back from identifying who would be most responsive to targeted marketing campaigns or finding common interests that could generate new ideas for products or packages.

The Solution

Aptitive pulled together data extracts from each of the band’s disparate systems, cleaned up this data, and loaded it into Snowflake for analysis. The team was then able to identify a single fan across systems and group fans into personas by purchase behavior.

By aggregating the data into one central location, the team was able to create personas that were statistically significant – determined by having enough fans that fell into each category to represent a solid sample. The four categories were: high-roller (purchased the highest dollar amount), frequent-flyer (went to the most concerts), merch-collector (purchased the most merchandise), and commenter (participated the most in website forums).

Fan Personas

Total Percentage of Revenue by Fan Persona

Percentage of Total Revenue by Fan Persona

Insights Based on Fan Persona

After grouping the fans into peronas, the team then analyzed how each of these personas behaved over time and geographic location, as well as their demographic attributes. By understanding more about these various personas, the team was able to identify which personas have been historically more likely to respond to targeted campaigns for an additional merchandise purchase with the purchase of tour tickets, for example.


Sample Marketing Offers by Fan Persona  

Alongside this effort, the team identified areas of improvement in the source data – such as gaps in time or location data – and created a plan for automated the ingestion of this data and the creation of similar insights in the future.

The Outcome

As a result of this effort, our client had immediate insights they could use to up and cross-sell their current fan base, and they had a list of action items that would get them closer to having better, more actionable data, as well as an automated way to get these insights on an hourly (rather than quarterly) basis.

Sample Reports

Here are some of the reports and dashboards used to visualize the findings.

Average Order by Country and Fan Persona Report

Purchase Information by Gender and Age Report

Purchases by Location Drill Down Report

Marketing Dashboard

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