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  • An enterprise insurance client was losing revenue because their policy application system was unable to keep up with their high growth which caused lag times for the underwriters.
  • Aptitive utilized Azure to optimize the policy application system to speed up access and improve visibility of the data to underwriters.
  • The solution provided our client with real-time advanced analytics, a data reporting platform, and allowed the underwriters to view and approve new policies in real time.



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The Challenge

Our high growth enterprise insurance client was concerned that they were losing revenue because they were unable to underwrite policies and endorsements fast enough.

The main cause was their policy application system that was unable to keep up with their high growth. As a result, their underwriters were experiencing disruptive lag times in receiving applications for new policies and endorsements to existing policies. This caused the turnaround time to be well below industry standards and resulted in lost revenue.

The application system was bogged down by too many processes and customizations that had been added over time to accommodate our client’s changing needs as they grew. To decrease underwriting turnaround time, our client needed to separate the application process from their main system and give their underwriters immediate access to the applications as they came in.

The Solution

Aptitive’s approach was to optimize the policy application system in order to speed up access and improve visibility of the data to the Underwriters. We did this by creating a separate, performant process around underwriting applications using a serverless architecture hosted in Azure.

This architecture utilized Azure Functions on .NET Core, which serviced an Azure SQL database with sub-second updates read from the customer facing application. The data was then transformed to business-relevant and reporting-optimized data models using Azure Data Factory.

Because Azure Data Factory is only able to run every 15 minutes, the Aptitive team deployed a Logic App of the Azure Data Factory instance to trigger it every 3 seconds when it is not already running. This architecture allowed the more comprehensive and enterprise-ready functionality within Azure Data Factory, while staying true to the real time needs of our client.

The Outcome

Our solution allowed the underwriters to view and approve new policies and endorsements in real time, due to policy data being moved from the live customer-facing application to the data platform within 3 seconds.

The separation of the underwriting application process also sped up the main system by removing a large load of tasks it was being asked to perform, which allowed for efficiencies in both the underwriting application process and the broader business as a whole.

This solution also provided our client with the foundational architecture for a real-time advanced analytics and reporting data platform.

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