You have the data. Now enhance your analytics. Aptitive can help you modernize and centralize your paginated reports in Power BI.

Visually compelling, interactive, modern dashboards are commonly seen as the future of data analytics, but we understand there is still sometimes a need for tabular, pixel-perfect reporting. However, legacy reporting tools don’t always utilize the same data model as your modern BI dashboards, requiring duplicated development effort and resulting in multiple “sources of truth” throughout your organization.

When you work with Aptitive on a Power BI paginated reports project, we first help you to identify the best tool for your tabular reporting needs. After guiding you through the decision-making process, the Aptitive team works with you to build out the necessary metrics within your data warehouse and semantic layer. We then develop sleek reports or pivot tables, depending on your choice of one of three solutions, allowing for a single source of truth for all of your reporting needs.

Power BI Paginated Reports Solution Options



Allows users to analyze curated Power BI datasets in Excel with pivot tables



A true paginated reports solution – optimized to be printed or shared – with the option to connect to Power BI data sets and subscribe to reports



Offers tabular visualizations with more interactive capabilities but fewer formatting options

What We’ll Do:

Gathering Requirements

First, we will seek to understand how users will interact with the data.

Guiding Decisions

A guided decision flow will help you determine the best Power BI paginated reports solution for your needs.

Setting Metrics

The Aptitive team will build out your metrics in a data warehouse.

Developing a Power BI Dataset

We will develop a Power BI dataset with metrics and calculated fields from your data warehouse.

Building Reports

Your dedicated consulting team will build sleek reports or pivot tables, depending on your chosen Power BI paginated reports solution, in Excel or Power BI Report Builder.

A Tech Stack That Works For You

Our tech-agnostic approach means we can build a solution with leading technologies. This solution focuses on Power BI in particular.

Get Started Today

If you’re looking to incorporate pixel-perfect reporting with modern BI dashboards, Aptitive can help you get to the right reporting solution with one of our Power BI paginated reports offerings. Get in touch to discuss your options.