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Retail Data and Analytics Solutions

Harness Your Data To Reach Your Customers.

An accessible omnichannel view of your customer you can enable you to examine a holistic view of a customer’s purchase behavior,  automate customer touchpoints, and even predict customer needs.

Aptitive can help create an end-to-end retail analytics solution so you can gain a single view of your customer and streamline time consuming processes with an omnichannel view.

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Customer Data and Analytics


Consolidate all sources of data, from your CRM to online interactions, to get a 360 view of your customers


Optimize your cross-channel data to uncover the story of a customer’s relationship with your brand


Assess your customers’ past and present behavior to improve targeting and predict trends


Develop customer cohorts by demographics, behavior, or other data to predict what campaigns will be most effective


Leverage Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning to predict what factors will increase your marketing or advertising ROI


Identify which campaigns, tactics, and other customer touchpoints are driving conversions, value, and ROI

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Reliable Access to Your Data

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Aptitive builds solutions that help retailers leverage their data to drive faster results by:

  • Automating actions based on business rules that tailor the customer’s experience to their preferences.
  • Combining data across sources to provide an omnichannel view of customer behavior from social media interactions to in store purchases.
  • Enabling analytics to visualize customers’ past and present shopping behavior as well as adding advanced analytics to predict future behaviors.
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Retail Solutions

Improve Results With Your Marketing Data

Retail Analytics: Assess your customers’ past and present shopping behavior to present a seamless in-store and online shopping experience.

Single Customer View & Omnichannel Solutions: Consolidate all sources of data, from your CRM Platform to online interactions to see the story of a customer’s relationship with your brand.

Improved Customer Targeting: Develop customer cohorts by demographics, psychographics, or behavior to better predict what campaigns might be effective for each group.

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Retail Analytics
Marketing Analytics Quickstart 1
Marketing Analytics Starter Pack

Marketing Analytics Starter Pack

In 3-5 weeks, Aptitive will work alongside your team to create a customized analytics strategy, develop a marketing analytics dashboard, uncover new insights, and outline a technology architecture to automate and expand your dashboard’s capabilities.

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Key Benefits

  • Gain a single view of your customer across channels
  • Predict inventory needs based on previous customer behavior
  • Clear and accurate insights into gaps in customer service
  • Schedule interactions with customers based on their preferences and behavior
  • Spend less time wrangling inaccurate and hidden data into reports
  • Reports that reliably present real-time KPIs
  • Quickly and easily analyze online interactions
  • Use machine learning to anticipate customer needs/preferences

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