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A common driving force behind Aptitive projects is clients seeking faster and easier access to their data, allowing them to more quickly gain business-impacting insights. One way to achieve this is through embedded analytics, otherwise known as embedded BI (business intelligence). By embedding analytics, dashboards, and reports into the applications and systems your team already uses every day, users gain the insights they need, where they need them.

To get started with an embedded BI solution, Aptitive’s experienced consultants will work with you to understand which data your users need to access, how they use that data to glean essential insights (and how you would like them to be able to use that data), and which applications and systems your organization is already using. Our team then develops and implements custom portals within those user interfaces, while ensuring the environment is stable and secure.

Embedded BI can offer your organization a variety of benefits:

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Users are empowered to self-serve through the simplified data analysis process.

Speed-to-insight is increased as users no longer need to navigate through multiple applications to find data and create reports.

Because data is readily available, users become accustomed to analyzing data to find relevant insights.

New context is added to data, enabling deeper understanding of the state of your organization’s finances, operations, and more.

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Modern Cloud Analytics Starter Kit

Dashboards Powered by Snowflake and Tableau

Snowflake and Tableau make a powerful pair in the analytics world. Snowflake was built to handle large volumes of data and Tableau complements it by enabling simple, insightful visualizations in real-time.

With increased speed-to-insight and clearer representation of key metrics, leadership can make decisions at a glance that will help your company meet and exceed your benchmarks.

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