Dashboards and Analytics for a Data-Driven World

In today’s data-driven world, it’s extremely important to know what is happening in your company at all times – and analytics dashboards allow that to happen. Many companies without dedicated analytics solutions in place face problems with:

  • Reporting: Outdated reporting techniques are extremely time consuming and don’t answer the right questions.
  • Missing the “big picture” view: It can be difficult to find one all-inclusive source of information on what is happening and how your company is performing.
  • Lack of data visibility: No way to see the story hidden in massive amounts of data, leaving end users struggling to gain insights.
    Communication:Difficulty gleaning information from data translates directly to struggles communicating information to stakeholders and supporting decision making.
  • Real-time accessibility:The ability to access data and insights in real-time exists, but there’s an inability to do so.
  • Being fit into a mold:You are not the same as your competitors – rigid reporting tools don’t allow for necessary company-specific customization that dashboards enable.

Aptitive’s experienced and certified consultants know the right questions to ask to ensure that your dashboard meets your goals and objectives. Our knowledge of common business challenges and familiarity with the landscape of BI technologies like Power BI, Looker, Sigma, Tableau, and Qlik provides us with both the technical skills and business acumen needed to match you with the right solution and customize it to meet your specific needs. We’ll ensure that our end product is long-term and scalable to meet both your present and future needs.

Aptitive Dashboarding and Analytics Process

Goals and Needs Assessment

Aptitive will conduct interviews and whiteboarding sessions with key stakeholders and end users to determine the questions that your one-stop, at-a-glance analytics platform will answer. We will use this information to develop a plan for how to bridge the gap between your current state and the end solution.

Dashboards and Analytics Goals and Needs Assessment
Tool Selection and Development

Tool Selection and Development

After our initial assessment, we will help you select the correct analytics technologies to fit your company’s needs. During development, we’ll work with you iteratively to ensure that your business requirements are met and our solution aligns with your goals.

User Acceptance Training

After we create your solution, we’ll ensure that your team is fully trained on operating the solution going forward to ensure maximum efficiency and seamless adoption.
strategy that enables you to make effective, cost-efficient, and informed decisions about using your data to support your company’s mission and goals.

User Acceptance Training