Analytics solutions make accessing and gaining insights from complex data systems simple and efficient. However, many companies without a dedicated, modern analytics system face difficulties with:

  • Accessibility:Useful information from data is hard to find or completely inaccessible; employees in different business units cannot effectively share information.
  • Lack of Interactivity:No means to easily navigate or slice and dice massive amounts of data to analyze relevant information in new ways
  • Data quality:There’s no single source of truth to agree on because information is missing, incomplete, or untrustworthy.
  • Misinformation:Difficulty differentiating between what is actually true and what employees think is true.
  • Strategy:Data is not driving decision making, business strategies are not backed by data, or leadership lacks visibility of key success indicators.
  • Keeping up with trends:Inability to track trends and habits within data, leading to missed opportunities or knowledge gaps

At Aptitive, we have the experience and certifications to solve today’s analytics challenges  while preparing you for ongoing data analytics success. We develop tailor-made analytics solutions that offer actionable insights by focusing on your goals, metrics, reporting standards, and your industry’s trends. This process includes using a range of technologies and finding the one that best fits your needs, whether it be Microsoft Power BI, Sigma, Looker, Tableau, or Qlik among many others, our team is prepared to deliver a powerful analytics platform quickly and efficiently.

Aptitive Data Discovery Platform Process

Goals and Needs Assessment

Aptitive will begin developing your analytics solution by conducting whiteboarding sessions and interviews to determine the challenges your business faces in terms of your data solutions.

Goals and Needs Assessment
Data Discovery


Using this information we then identify the gaps between your existing processes and your ideal state of analytics to find the source of pain points. Then, we can craft a solution that allows for at-a-glance visibility into your data, streamlined data discovery, and a central system to tie together important information for further analysis.

End-User Training

We will ensure that your team is set up with the analytics tool that best fits your needs, and train you to use it effectively going forward. This will guarantee a long-lasting, value-driven platform that’s focused on efficiency.

At the end of our assessment, we will deliver a strategy that enables you to make effective, cost-efficient, and informed decisions about using your data to support your company’s mission and goals.

Data Discovery