Disparate source systems function in isolation. For example, your sales team may use SalesForce to track orders while your operations team uses your ERP. These systems often use different units, reference codes, descriptions, or languages. As individual lines of business report on data from their siloed applications, key performance indicators can be calculated and interpreted inconsistently, creating an inaccurate view of your company.

Aptitive is Chicago’s leading data integrator. We have built data solutions for companies across various industries and levels of data maturity. Aptitive has devoted years to developing and perfecting the Aptitive ETL Toolkit™ that can be implemented for any technology, whether on-premise or in the cloud. Our data integration strategy reduces lead time by automating repetitive tasks and creates a platform that is effective for years to come.

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ETL Toolkit

Implementing the Aptitive ETL Toolkit™ is our core service. To support the needs of any client, our framework is:

  • Technology Agnostic: You pick the ETL tools, databases, and analysis applications that work for your company!
  • Automated: BIML and stored procedures auto-generate code based on best practices
  • Scalable: Add new source systems and reporting tools without significant changes to the existing data structure.
  • High-performing: Changes are only made to new or updated data, reducing the run time.
  • Error-resistant: Draws attention to mistakes by tracking what happens as it happens and validating each change against expected values when possible.
  • Audited: Adds visibility into the ETL orchestration process, notifies users of failures and tracks when and where changes were made.
  • No Learning Curve: All Aptitive consultants undergo rigorous training on our Toolkit before facing clients.
  • Separate Semantic Layers: Data is structured based on how it will be utilized by end users. When we know how you will use your data, we will build your solution correctly the first time.
  • Flexible: Can work in the Cloud, On-Premise, or be adapted for compatibility with existing systems.
  • Forward-thinking: We update our framework to fit in with new technology and best practices.
  • Easy to Support: After building out the framework, we train clients on how to use it to ensure there are no dependencies.

The result of our integration framework is a data hub that will allow a holistic picture of your organization. Standardized and centralized information allows your company to combine or compare datasets, creating a reliable view of the entire enterprise.



Aptitive ETL Toolkit™ to speed up process and increase auditing power

Integration of any number of sources to a centralized data hub

End game integration to a data warehouse and other target systems