Data Governance Overview

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Information within organizations tends to be siloed and difficult to use at an enterprise level. Since there is no single version of the truth, companies have trouble defining master data and key performance indicators. In addition, most companies lack the people, processes, and technology for managing their data.

As the amount of collected data grows and new technologies emerge, having a data governance program in place is critical for organizations. Regulatory compliance, customer demands, competitive pressure and numerous other factors are increasingly motivating organizations to improve their data quality and master data management efforts. Quality, actionable data isn’t just nice to have; it’s a crucial competitive advantage in the business world today.

At Aptitive, our team of expert consultants can help you craft and implement a data governance strategy that is right for your organization. We will help to improve efficiency, increase profitability, and lower your business risks. By implementing a company-wide data governance strategy, we will provide consistent, accurate, and reliable data across the enterprise, allowing for informed and effective decision-making.

Aptitive will help your organization establish a data governance council and program. We will work with you to define roles and responsibilities (e.g., Business Owners, Stewards, Custodians), as well as create and document principles, policies, processes and standards. Finally, through the use of technology, Aptitive will help automate these processes to improve your data governance maturity level.

Data governance strategy

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