Aptitive Data Science consulting services 2

Use Predictive & Advanced Analytics To Forecast What Is Coming Next

Aptitive can help uncover the mysteries behind data science and other emerging data technologies by focusing on your individual business needs. We work with your teams to provide advanced, meaningful insights in an actionable, easy to understand format.

Statistical Research

Utilize advanced mathematical techniques to hone in on your business problems

Machine Learning

Build, deploy, and share predictive analytics output without modifying the existing code base

Predictive Analytics

Analyze large amounts of data to get the insights you need about what will happen next

Emerging Technology

Evaluate which cutting-edge technology can best solve your business problems

Real-time Streaming Analytics

Find out what’s going on right now so you to take action before the opportunity is gone

Neural Networks

Leverage the growing set of deep learning, and cognitive APIs to solve highly advanced cognitive problems


Know what is going to happen next so you can plan accordingly

Natural Language & Chat Bots

Use natural language recognition to create chat bots that integrate with popular collaboration software


Machine Learning to Predict and Prioritize Sales Opportunities

Real-Time Employee Feedback Chatbot

Real-Time Employee Feedback Chatbot in Slack

Manufacturing Demand Forecasting using Machine Learning Boosts Sales

Manufacturing Demand Forecasting using Machine Learning Boosts Sales

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