Say Goodbye to Analytics in a SILO

Many companies with legacy data and analytics systems have their applications functioning in silos, with static reporting and analytics solutions existing fully separate from other applications. This leads to slow, manual processes when trying to govern multiple disparate systems and perform analytics efficiently.

Embedded analytics solves these problems through easy integration of reports and visualizations throughout applications in different business units. Instead of operating analytics solutions separately from other systems, embedded allows you to attain one source of truth by putting visualizations right alongside other processes. Additionally, it enables collaboration outside of your internal team – embedding reports into outward-facing applications allows suppliers, partners and customers to get value out of your data as well.

Aptitive’s consultants have expertise in both the latest analytics technologies and in application development and integration – a necessary combination for creating a robust embedded analytics solution. Depending on your organization’s unique needs, we can create custom applications or use your existing tools (such as Microsoft Power BI, Looker, or Tableau) to address problems and generate results. We weave in Aptitive’s ETL framework and data management practices to ensure integrity in the underlying data structure.

The Embedded Analytics Process

Systems and Needs Assessment:

Aptitive will work iteratively with you to develop a deep understanding of the existing applications, the data, and your integration needs. We will determine the underlying problem and how to best address the issues using embedded analytics solutions from a wide array of technologies.

Embedded Analytics

Solution Development:

We then use that information to guide our development, ensuring both an immediate impact and a scalable solution that will enable real-time processing and visibility of data in the exact time and place it is required.