Technology Partners

Microsoft Consulting Partner

Aptitive is a Microsoft consulting partner that helps organization realize the full value of Microsoft’s Data, Analytics, and AI solutions.  We leverage our in-house frameworks for both loading your application databases into Azure and running machine learning and predictive analytics processing. As both a Microsoft consulting partner and a technology agnostic solution provider, we can integrate best-in-class technology and tools with the Azure cloud platform.


Custom Dev / Hybrid Cloud

We offer custom .NET development and serverless applications to build solutions with scalablity, security, and low maintenance overhead in mind

Power BI

Custom Power BI solutions including data preparation, dashboarding, and report generation tailor-made to your business’ needs

Data Science Framework (ML Studio)

Move your data science solutions into production using both Microsoft’s Machine Learning Services and 3rd party ML platforms

On Prem & Hybrid ETL

Automate the development process with our in-house ETL Framework, built for Azure Data Factory and SSIS and governed with Azure Data Catalog

Data Ingestion & Loading

Utilize our Azure frameworks to ingest and process your source data into Azure using Data Factory, Azure PaaS services, Databricks, or custom tools such as Talend

Advanced Analytics

A full range of tools and solutions, from Analysis Services to Snowflake to Azure Databricks, to bring your data analytics to the next level

Advanced Proof-of-Concepts

Explore highly focused Proof of Concepts to allow you to evaluate the benefits Dataiku brings to your organization.

To learn more on how Aptitive can help you and your clients discover and implement the right Microsoft solution for their unique needs, contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.