Aptitive Strategy consulting services

Bridge the gap between technology and business

We don’t just develop applications and build data warehouses. We partner with you to create long-term solutions.

Dream Big

We share your passion for your vision and will help you shape, then share it

Chart Your Course

Achieve your vision in the shortest route, addressing your risks and challenges along the way

Buy Smart

Find the best of the new with the wisdom of the experienced

Drive Adoption

Make change stick, get the value that you counted on, and make habit a practice

Encourage Change

Paint the picture and help them get where you want to be. Give them a reason and praise the outcomes, or throw them a rope and pull them along.

Measure & Monitor

Give your team a dashboard and keep all eyes on the needle


Aptitive - Holistic view of patients with embedded analytics

Holistic View Of Patients With Embedded Analytics

Data Integration

Gaming & Hotel Data Integrated To Build Holistic View Of A Customer

$20M In Savings From Company-Wide Process Change

Technology Spin-off From Corporate Parent

Technology Spin-off From Corporate Parent

Aptitive Client Case Studies

Back-end Cost Savings From Reorganizing Product Offerings

Support and Training

Support and Training