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Aptitive’s trained, certified, and experienced Snowflake consultants make us the partner of choice for modern data strategies and solutions.

Aptitive is proud to be a strategic Snowflake consulting and technical solution partner. Our full team of Certified Snow-Pros have proven expertise to help businesses implement modern data solutions using Snowflake. From creating a simple proof of concept to developing an enterprise data warehouse to customized Snowflake training programs,  Aptitive will help you to utilize Snowflake’s powerful cloud-based data warehouse for all of your data needs.

Snowflake Consulting Services:

Implementation Planning

Tailor-made project strategies ensure your Snowflake implementation is efficient and effective.

Advanced Proof-of-Concepts

Highly focused Proof of Concepts allow you to evaluate the benefits Snowflake brings to your organization.

Custom Integration

Keep your current ETL structure workflows in place through our custom Snowflake integration procedures.

SQL Conversions

Our team excels in taking your existing business logic and building it in Snowflake’s SQL variation for both performance and maintainability.

Data Architecture & Data Pipeline Design

Streamline your data pipelines by allowing us to revamp all layers of your data architecture.

Analytics & BI Integration

Simply Snowflake integration with cloud and on-premise databases and analytics tools to provide a single source of truth for historical data, predictive results, and training data for your machine learning models.
Snowflake Value Accelerator

Accelerate the Value of your Snowflake Investment

Snowflake’s groundbreaking cloud-based data warehouse helps you drive valuable insights from data across your organization. Aptitive’s team of trained and certified Snowflake data experts can accelerate time to value, increase performance, and control costs.

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Snowflake Value Accelerator

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